Official Notice.

MILITARY SCIENCE 1.- Hour examination today in Upper Mass.

WIRT ROBINSON, 1st Lt., 4th U. S. Artillery.ENGLISH 7.- Reading of Philips. Pastorals I, III, IV. The Stray Nymph. The Happy Swain. Songs: "From White's and Will's" "Why we love, and why we hate." To Miss Margaret Pulteney. To Miss Charlotte Pulteney. To Miss Georgiana, Youngest Daughter to Lord Carteret.

B. S. HURLBUT.GERMAN C.- Hour examination Thursday, November 5, promptly at 9 o'clock, in Lower Massachusetts.

German 3. Hour examination Thursday, November 5, promptly at 10 o'clock, in Lower Massachusetts.

H. K. SCHILLING.ENGLISH A.- The 12 o'clock section will meet today, November 5, in Harvard 5, instead of Upper Massachusetts.


FRENCH 1B.- Hour examination at 11, Thursday, Nov. 5; Tuesday section in Harvard 5; other sections in Upper Dane.

I. BABBITT.31 2t