Christian Association Notes.

The regular weekly meeting of the Christian Association was held last night in Holden Chapel. In spite of the stormy weather the meeting was well attended. R. C. Thomas '96, who is now at the Newton Theological Seminary, led. W. W. Comfort Gr., G. Gleason '97, H. K. Stanley '97, D. Fales '97 and J. Gregg '97 also spoke.

The announcement of the week of prayer for colleges was made. Beginning with Monday next, daily meetings will be held in Holden Chapel continuing through the week. These meetings will be held at 6.45 p. m., and will last a half hour. The following men will lead:

Monday-D. Fales '97.

Tuesday-L. K. Morse '91.

Wednesday-R. F. Capen '95.

Thursday-Professor G. H. palmer.

Friday-G. Gleason '97.

Saturday-E. Von Mach Gr.