Official Notice.

ENGLISH 7.- Hour examination, Monday, 2.30. Abele-Shaw, in Lower Mass.; Smith-Wormelle, in Harvard 5.

Hour examination, Monday, Nov. 9. The examination will cover the work through Prior and Gay. Graduate students are not required to take the examination.

B. S. HURLBUT.ENGLISH A.- The hour examination will be held Thursday, November 12, at 12 o'clock instead of Saturday, November 14.

Section VI will meet, therefore, for the writing of themes Saturday, November 14, at 12 o'clock instead of Thursday.

B. S. HURLBUT.35 4t


HISTORY 1.- Hour examination today at 9 a. m.

A-F. N. Chessman, Upper Dane.

F. R. Childs-C. B. Durham, Lower Dane.

R. B. Earle-A. S. Gilman, Harvard 5.

C. S. Gilman-C. B. Hollings, Harvard 6.

A. W. Hollis-H. Parker, Lower Mass.

W. Parker-J. B. Rorer, Sever 29.

H. L. Rothenberg-H. A. Yeomans, Sever 35.