Tennis Ranking for 1896.

A committee appointed by President Dwight of the National Lawn Tennis Association has reported the official classification of players for 1896, leaving out C. Hobart, A. E. Foote, G. Driscoll and M. G. Chace.

The standing of the players is as follows:

Class 1-Owes three-fourths of fifteen: R. D. Wrenn, Harvard '95; W. A. Larned, C. B. Neal, F. H. Hovey, Harvard L. S. '94.

Class 2-Scratch, E. P. Fisher, G. L. Wrenn, Harvard '96, R. Stevens.

Class 3-Receives one-fourth of fifteen: M. D. Whitman, Harvard '99, L. E. Ware, Harvard '99, G. P. Sheldon, C. B. Budlong.

Class 4-Receives one-half of fifteen: G. W. Lee, J. D. Forbes, Harvard '99; W. M. Scudder, Harvard '99; J. C. Neely.

Class 5-Receives three-fourths of fifteen: D. F. Davis, H. Ward, R. P. Davis, W. A. Bethel, C. P. Dodge, J. C. Davidson, A. P. Hawes.

Class 6-Receives fifteen: C. Cragin, R. Fincke, Y. M. Edwards, R. H. Carleton, Harvard '98, H. E. Avery.