A Report of the Explorations in Central America.

The Peabody Museum has recently published a preliminary report of explorations which it has been conducting for several years past, among the prehistoric ruins of Copan, in Honduras. The explorations were begun in the early part of 1891 and have been carried on ever since. Progress has been necessarily slow because it has been impossible for any work to be done except in the dry seasons. This report is the first one of a series of quarto memoirs which the Peabody Museum will issue in regard to these discoveries at Copan. It consists of a preliminary outline of the nature of the explorations and their results from 1891 through 1895. The text is explained throughout by numerous illustrations. The quarto also contains several half-tone plates and a map of the ruins.

One hall of the Museum has been entirely devoted to an exhibit of various collections which have been brought from Central America as a result of these explorations. These include very important sculptures in stone, some of them fine specimens, besides a great many articles in pottery, bone, shell, etc., including a number of jade ornaments and carvings. The floor of this room is literally crowded with casts which are exact reproductions of great monuments, idols and altars from the ruins of Copan.

These collections have not yet been completely arranged, but are, however, in a condition to be seen by visitors. The work which has to be done is mainly in the arrangement and classification of the smaller articles which are in cases. The room is so crowded that it has been found necessary to make the rule that all persons wishing to see the collection must first obtain the key to the room from the Library room of the Peabody Museum, which is just to the left after entering the main door. With this restriction, the Copan exhibition is now open to the public.