Special Notice.

STUDENTS wishing their hair trimmed in the most scientific manner should call at Griffith's Hair Dressing Rooms, 7 Brattle street, Harvard square. Four artists in attendance, all special hair cutters. Razors honed and cared for.

C. W. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.For five years at Young's Hotel, Boston. 2 tf

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. L. J. Chandler's class for beginners commences Tuesday, at 8 p. m. Private Lessons. Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. 1-e o d-tf

FOR RENT.- Furnished or unfurnished suite of rooms, No. 14, with private bath, in Ware Hall. Apply to Francis S. Hoyt, 34 Elm St., Morristown, N. J., or to James C. Davis, Room 65, No. 70 Kilby St., Boston. 48 6

SUTTS cleansed and pressed for 75 cts.; trousers 20 cts., called for and returned in good order. Drop a postal.


L. G. MACKEIGAN, 15 Brattle St. Just opposite Post Office.48 tf

EIDER-DOWN robes are warm and wear just as long as the blanket wraps which cost three times as much. We can show you a large variety of patterns in both eider-down and Turkish toweling at prices ranging from $2.00 to $7.00.

J. W. BRINE, 1312 and 1436 Mass. Ave.LOWEST RATES to all points South and West. Special rates to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington.

J. FREEMAN MARSTEN, 39 Thayer Hall.Office hours 1.30-4; 6.30-9 p. m. 62 8

Come and try Youngs until the Christmas vacation, then make up your mind afterwards. Our club tables are unsurpassed. The hours for breakfast are from 8 until 10.30. One room empty. Come for it. General table starts Monday.

YOUNG'S, 15 Bow Street.56 tf

MRS. RANSFORD, of 22 Prescott street, has a training table vacant. Gentlemen desiring to engage a club table for present use or occupation after the Xmas vacation should make immediate application. Also two seats at general table vacant. 58 6t

MENU of today's Table d'hote dinner at the French Restaurant, 3 Linden street, from 12 to 2 and 6 to 7 p. m.; 50c. Soup: Paysanne. Fish: Cod, gratine a la Creme. Joint: Broiled Chicken. Entree: Veal Cutlets a la Neapolitaine. Vegetables: Marrow Squash and Potatoes. Dessert: Indian pudding, Pies. Coffee. First class board. Club room and tables.

INFORMATION, berths, tickets, to all points West via B. and A., New York Central, Lake Shore, M. C., Big Four and connections. Tickets to New York via. Springfield.

W. B. LLOYD and H. F. LUNT, 27 Thayer Hall.Office Hours, 1.30-2.30 and 6.30-7.30 p. m. 62 5t