Meeting to Send Off the Debaters.

The meeting in Sever 11, yesterday afternoon as a send-off for the team chosen to debate with Princeton, was well attended and very enthusiastic. J. P. Hall, president of the Union, presided. Short speeches were made by several former 'Varsity debaters, all of whom expressed great confidence in the team and the belief that the debate would be won on Friday by Harvard. The speakers were chiefly former bebatcrs with Princeton and they told several reminiscences of the two previous Princeton debates.

W. E. Hutton '95 was the first speaker. He emphasized the importance of the present debate in that the Princeton men, although at first unused to the Harvard system of debating, had taken advantage of it and were now quite expert in its use. He was followed by J. P. Warren '96. Mr. Warrer laid emphasis on the fact that Harvard's supremacy in debating is acknowleged, but that if she is to retain that supremacy she must follow the recent defeat by Yale with victories.

The other speakers were W. S. Youngman '95, F. R. Steward '96, C. A. Duniway Gr., and E. H. Warren '95. F. Dobyns '98 was unable to be present.

The team which is to meet Princeton on Friday consists of S. R. Wrightington '97, C. Grilk '98, F. O. White '99; and L. O. O'Brien '97, alternate. The men will leave for Princeton via the New York and New Haven railroad at 3 o'clock this afternoon.