A Conference Proposed to Form a League of Colleges.

The following letter has been received at Cambridge from Rev. Roderick Terry, chairman of the golf committee of the Ardsley Casino, near New York in regard to the formation of an intercollegiate golf league:

"NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 1896.

"The interest which was evinced in the informal intercollegiate golf contests held at Ardsley Casino a short time ago leads me to write this letter in regard to a possible intercollegiate championship golf match next summer. The Ardsley Casino will be glad to offer the use of their links for a college championship at any time next summer which may be agreeable to the colleges. And we shall be glad to offer prizes appropriate to that important occasion.

It seems to me that there might be held during the coming Christmas holidays an informal meeting of representatives from the more important universities to consider the whole question of intercollegiate golf, and we shall be happy to have such a meeting at the Ardsley Casino or I shall be glad to open my house in this city for the purpose if the responses to the invitation which I am now sending are favorable.

Very truly yours, RODERICK TERRY, Chair. Golf Com. Ardsley Casino."