Arrangements for Tonight.- Sketches of the Debaters.

The third annual Harvard-Princeton debate will take place tonight at Princeton in Alexander Hall. The question for debate will be "Resolved, That assuming the adoption of adequate constitutional amendments, the United States should institute a system of responsible cabinet government." Princeton will support the affirmative and Harvard the negative. Each speaker will be allowed twelve minutes for his main speech and also a rebuttal speech of five minutes.

The Princeton men will speak both times in the following order: H. H. Yocum '98, R. F. Sterling '97, R. M. McElroy, P. G. For Harvard in the main speeches the order will be S. R. Wrightington '97, F. O. White '99 and C. Grilk '98; in the rebuttal speeches, White will speak first, with Wrightington second and Grilk to make the closing speech of the whole debate. Owing to some difficulties in getting the men proposed by Harvard, the list of judges has not yet been received from Princeton. It is also not known who will preside at the debate.

After the debate is over, the speakers will be tendered a banquet at the Princeton Inn, at which Professor Baker is expected to respond for Harvard.

The three Harvard debaters, accompanied by L. O. O'Brien '97, the alternate, and E. H. Warren '95, who has had charge of the training of the team, left for New York yesterday afternoon. The spent the night in New York and will go on to Princeton about noon today.

The men who will represent Harvard and Princeton tonight are as follows:


The first speaker for Harvard will be Sydney R. Wrightington '97, of Fall River. He prepared for college at the Durfee High School of Fall River. His previous training has been received in English 30, which he took last year, and in English 6, which he is taking this year. He is a member of the Harvard Union.

Frank Owen White '99, of Boston, the second Harvard speaker, prepared at the Boston Latin School. At graduation he received a Franklin Medal for good scholarship. Last year he was an alternate on the Harvard-Yale freshman debate which Harvard won. He is taking English 10 and is a member of the Harvard Union.

Charles Grilk '98, of Davenport, Iowa, will make the final speech for Harvard. He prepared for college at Andover. While there he spoke on the Means and Draper prize contests and won first Prize at the Philo exhibition debate. In his Freshman year at College he was elected an editor of the CRIMSON, and was also president of the Freshman Debating Club and spoke in the first Harvard-Yale Freshman debate. Last year he was alternate on the 'Varsity debate with Yale.

Howard H. Yocum '98, of Columbia, Pa., will open the debate for Princeton. He prepared for Princeton at Mercersburg (Pa.) College, where he was valedictorian of his class. In his freshman year at college he took first prize in the Whig Hall competitive debate and stood at the head of his class. He won his sophomore class debate in Whig Hall. This year he will represent his class at the '76 prize debate on Washington's Birthday.

Robert F. Sterling '97, of Blairsville, Pa., will be the second speaker. He prepared for college at Kiskeminetas School. In his first year he took first prize in the freshman debate in Whig Hall. Since then he has taken one first and one second prize in competitive debate in Whig Hall. Last year he was alternate on the Yale-Princeton debate.

Robert M. McElroy '96, of Lebanon, Mo., will make the final speech for Princeton. He is now a post-graduate in the University. He has represented Princeton twice before in intercollegiate debates, once against Yale and last year against Harvard. While an undergraduate he was an active worker in Whig Hall and has take many prizes in oratory and debate.