Prince Serge Wolkonsky's Lectures.

The lectures on Russian history and literature by Prince Serge Wolkonsky will be four in number and will be given on Friday, February 21, Monday, February 24, Friday, February 28, and Monday, March 2. They will be given in Sanders Theatre at 8 p. m., and will be open to the public. The seats on the floor, however, will be reserved for members of the University.

The subjects of the lectures will be:

Lecture I (1725-1796). The XVIII century in Russia. Brief sketch from Peter I to Catherine II. The Academy of Science. Russian pseudo-classicism,- Soumarokov, Trediakovsky. Catherine the Great. French philosophy in Russia. Pseudo-classical literature.

Lecture II (1779-1837). The XIX century. Novikov and the Muscovian circle. Sentimentalism. Romanticism,- Joukovsky. Poushkin, his life and literary career. Nationalism and universalism.

Lecture III (1837-1861). Lermontov,- romantic pessimism. Koltsoff,- popular poetry. Gogol. Genesis of the naturalistic school. "The forties." The Moscow university. Slavphiles and "Westernists."

Lecture IV (1861-. ). "The Sixties." Alexander II and the emancipation of the serfs. Servitude in the United States and Russia. The three chief representatives of the naturalistic school. Tourgeniev. Nihilism. Dostayevsky,- his influence on the generation. Count Leo Tolstoy, his teachings. "Tolstoists." Societies and individuals.

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