Official Notice.

ENGLISH C.- The second forensic will be returned today, in Sever 35, from 3.30 to 5.30. Students who do not call or send for their forensics at this time will not be allowed to re-write. late forensics, however, will not be returned today.

ENGLISH C.- The following men have omitted to return some essential part of the manuscript of the second brief or forensic. Their second forensics can not be read until the portions omitted are returned: C. N. Bliss, J. C. Fairchild, R. H. Carleton, H. C. deV. Cornwell, B. T. Burley, W. T. Arndt.

L. T. DAMON.ENGLISH 30.- Members of English 30 are requested to come to Harvard 6 at 3.30 Monday to get the briefs for the debate of Feb. 19.