FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7.45. Door closed at 8 sharp. New music now on sale.

J. A. BURNHAM, JR.CRIMSON.- Meeting of Board in Sanctum at 1.30. Every editor please be prompt.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- There will be an important rehearsal tonight at 7 o'clock for a concert next Wednesday. All men who sang in the Fall concert will please come and bring all music belonging to the club.

H. C. TAYLOR.FRESHMAN MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 6.30. The following men mustattend: Purrington, Richards, Ware, Wight, Dunham, Holmes, Merrill, Whitbeck, Parker, Campbell, Dyer, Johnston.

A. C. SPALDING.SOCIAL UNION.- Wanted, a man to teach book-keeping, Monday, 10-11 a. m. Apply to H. W. Foote, 18 Hastings.


GRADUATE CLUB.- The next regular meeting of the club will be held in the Colonial Club House, Quincy street, Friday evening, Feb. 21, at 8 o'clock. Professors Davis and Emerton will address the club on "The Graduate's Opportunity in Secondary Education."

HARVARD SOUTHERN CLUB.- All members of the club who expect attend the annual dinner Friday evening will please sign the blue-book at Leavitt and Pierce's at their earliest convenience.

W. K. BRENT, Sec.YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- Regular meeting in Holden Chapel Thursday night at 6.45. "Witnessing for Christ;" Mr. S. W. Boardman '96. All students are welcome.