Roxbury Latin School Games.

The open handicap games of the Roxbury Latin School will be held in the Technology Gymnasium on Exeter street on Saturday, February 22, at 2.15 p. m. The following are the events with the entries from the Harvard Athletic Association:

20 yards dash (closed).

20 yards dash (open).- J. T. Roche '99, R. L. Chipman '98, B. B. Howard '96, E. H. Clark '96, E. E. Jungerich '99, F. Mason '96, A. Dyrenforth '96.

Potato race (open).- E. H. Clark '96, L. O. Gifford '99, F. Mason '96.

Running high jump, 6 inch limit (open)-E. H. Clark '96, F. Holt '99, J. B. Rorer '99, J. D. Dole '99, K. K. Kubli L. S., J. B. Connolly Sp.


40 yards hurdle (open).- E. H. Clark '96, G. A. Cole '99, K. K. Kubli L. S., M. J. G. Cunniff '98.

Putting 16 pound shot, 3 feet limit (open).- A. Lovering '97, K. K. Kubli L. S.