The Path to Public Service at SEAS


Should Supreme Court Justices Have Term Limits? That ‘Would Be Fine,’ Breyer Says at Harvard IOP Forum


Harvard Right to Life Hosts Anti-Abortion Event With Students For Life President


Harvard Researchers Debunk Popular Sleep Myths in New Study


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ICE POLO TEAM.- Practice at 9.30 a. m. on Spy Pond.

F. J. GOODRIDGE, Capt.LAMPOON.- Will all men who have submitted drawings to the Lampoon, and others desiring to draw, meet the Drawing Committee in the new Sanctum, old CRIMSON, on Linden street, at 10.30 a. m. today.

'97 CREW.- Row Monday at 5 o'clock.

H. C. DEV. CORNWELL.'96 Crew.- Row Monday at 4.30 sharp.

F. M. FORBES.HARVARD FENCING CLUB.- Any member wishing tickets for the fencing competition to be held in New York Feb. 29 may obtain them free of charge from A. G. Thacher, 37 Beck.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- There will be a trial of candidates for the Glee Club Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 7 o'clock in Dane Hall. Candidates will be required to bring solo.

R. L. SCAIFE.ADVOCATE.- Will all men who wish to submit manuscripts for the next number of the Advocate leave them with the secretary at 1256 Mass. Av., or in the box at Foster's before Feb. 25.

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