Question: "Resolved, That the Results of Foreign Missions justify their continuance."

Brief for the Affirmative.S. P. DELANEY and C. DICKINSON.

Best general references: J. D. Dennis, Foreign Missions after a Century; North American Review, vol. 162, pp. 21-32 (Jan. 1896); Forum, vol. XVII, p. 475 (June 1894); Forum, vol. XVIII, pp. 481-490 (Aug. 1894); Century, vol. LX, pp. 500-509 (Feb. 1896); "The Spirit of Missions," vol. XL, p. 524 (Dec 1895); Rev. Geo. A. Gordon "The Gospel for Humanity" (sermon); Bishop Littlejohn, "Foreign Missions" (sermon); Reports of the American Board; International Journal of Ethics, vol. VI, pp. 182-204, (Jan. 1896); Sir R. Temple, "Men and Events of My Time in India;" "Missions and Science" (Ely volume).

INTRODUCTION.The argument for the continuance of foreign missions must be based not only upon their recent results, but also upon the sum total of their results, beginning with the extension of Christianity beyond Palestine.

I. The results of foreign missions previous to the present century justify their continuance.- (a) Foreign missionaries Christianized the Roman Empire (N. A. Rev. p. 22, Jan. 1896).- (b) Missionaries Christianized the barbarian nations.- (1) St. Irenaeus in Gaul.- (2) Boniface in Germany.- (3) St. Patrick in Ireland.- (4) St. Augustine in England (N. A. Rev. Jan. 1896, p. 22 ff.).- (c) America was Christianized by missionaries.- (1) Jesuits (Francis Parkman "The Jesuits in N. America," pp. 1-17).


II. The results of foreign missions in this century justify their continuance. A. In heathen lands.- (a) Africa (Century, Feb. 1896, article by H. M. Stanley).- (b) India (McClintock and Strong's Cyclopaedia, pp. 344-382).- (c) Japan (International Journal of Ethics, Jan. 1896, pp. 202-304).- (d) China (N. A. Rev. Jan. 1896, p. 28).- (e) South America (J. H. Dnnis, p. 160).- (f) Islands of the Pacific.- (1) Sandwich Islands.- (2) New Hebrides (J. H. Dennis, p. 90). B. On Christians at home.- (a) They emphasize the essentials of Christianity.- (1) Universality (Bishop Littlejohn, sermon, p. 7, Oct. 11, 1877).- (2) Unselfishness (same ref. as above).- (b) Furnish examples of martyrdom and heroism (Ely volume, ch. XXII).

III. Present indications justify the continuance of foreign missions in the future.- (a) Methods are sound and practical.- (1) Study of language, religion and customs. (N, A. Rev. Jan. 1896, p. 27).- (2) Planting of schools, colleges and hospitals (Ely volume, chs. XVII, XVIII.) (3) The Christian religion is taught in its simplest form. (Geo. A. Gordon, sermon, Oct. 15, 1895, p. 9 ff.).- (b) The men and women employed are capable, efficient, and of upright character N. A. Rev., Jan., 1896, pp. 25-27.)

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