Whist Tournament.

Follwing are the drawings for the semi-final round of the whist tournament:

Section I.

1. J. W. Peck, F. D. Morrill.

2. P. R. Dean, L. E. Bristol.

3. Second couple from Section II of last round.


Section II.

1. M. G. Beaman, A. R. Campbell.

2. F. C. Thawaits, C. E. Whitmore.

3. J. F. Crosby, J. F. Twombly.

To determine which couple shall go up from Section II of the last round, Porter and Pratt shall play Jenkins and Sellers Monday, Feb. 24, and if the former win they shall go up; but if they lose, Jenkins and Sellers shall then play Catlin and Baldwin on Tuesday, and the latter shall play Porter and Pratt on Wednesday. The couple winning in this play-off shall at once communicate the fact to couples one and two of Section I, that they may arrange their matches.

The matches in Section I shall all be played off by Saturday at the latest, but sooner if possible. The matches in Section II shall be played by Thursday night and the couples winning first and second place in this section shall at once start in to play with one another their matches in the final round. In the final round each couple shall play every other couple for best two out of three. The report of each match shall be sent in as soon as it is played.