Rowing News.- Lectures by lan MacLaren.

NEW HAVEN, Feb. 21, 1896.

Yale is at present most interested in the proposed entry of the university crew in the Henley Royal Regatta this next summer. A letter from J. F. Cooper, secretary of the Henley Royal Regatta, has just been received giving particulars concerning the rules and regulartions of the races. Nothing more will be done by the officers of the navy until the faculty, who at present have the matter under consideration, have announced their decision. In case this is favorable to sending the crew abroad, the question will be submitted to a mass meeting of the university for final settlement. The suggestion which the secretary of the regatta makes in his letter in regard to entering a four-oared crew for the Stewards cup is important and will undoubtedly receive careful consideration by the boating authorities here before the whole matter is referred to the university for final ratification which will probably be done withing two weeks. During the past week the first crew has been composed as follows: Langford (stroke), Patterson, Longacre, Bailey, J. Rodgers, Beard, Brown, Miller. Captain Treadway, whose place in the boat is at seven, has been coaching. No definite plan for the freshman crew has as yet been decided upon.

The candidates for the university nine will be called out on Monday and a large number are expected to respond. The candidates for the freshman nine, about sixty in number have been working in the cage for over a week. Their work thus far has been purely of a preliminary character. The university nine will take its usual southern trip this year during the Easter vacation. The Yale Law School baseball nine will leave New Haven March 26 on their southern trip and will play ten games.

The announcement that the Harvard Freshman Debating Club has formally accepted the challenge of the Yale Freshman Union to a joint debate will surely augment the general interest in debating among the members of the freshman class. The Freshman Union has at present about seventy-five members, but the trial debates to choose the Yale representatives will be open to all members of the class whether members of the Union or not.

The series of extemporaneous debates which was held recently between four large eating clubs in the junior class was such a success that it has been decided to hold another series. The speakers will be allowed to prepare their speeches, the subjects being given out at noon on the day of the debate.


The Faculty of the Yale Divinity School has secured the acceptance of Rev. John Watson (Ian MacLaren), the celebrated English author, to deliver the lectures in the Lyman Beecher course this year. Mr. Watson has announced that he will lecture in this country in the fall and it is extremely fortunate that his first appearance is to be made before a Yale audience.