Late Date of the April Recess.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

Will some person who can speak with authority kindly explain under what system the date of the beginning of the Easter recess is fixed and why this year it should be as late as April 19?

In '93 the recess began April 5, in '94 April 4, and last year April 14, so that the date is evidently being made later each year. It is said that the recess was arranged this year so as to include April 19, which is a holiday besides being Sunday, and if so, why should the recess begin the 19th rather than end the 19th.

This year the autumn term was about 12 weeks long, the winter term will be about 15 weeks and the spring term less than 8, including the examination period. Such a division of the year's work seems extraordinarily unequal; and, if nothing else, manifestly unfair to those students who, having friends or relatives in other colleges or schools which as usual have the Easter recess at the beginning of April, naturally expected to be able to see them during the vacation.