Freshman Baseball Candidates.

Fifty-two candidates for the freshman baseball nine appeared last evening in the Hemenway Gymnasium. W. L. Garrison, Jr., '97, has been appointed coach by Captain Dean, and the work of training will begin at 4 o'clock today. The list of candidates is:

Pitchers-John S. Galbraith, E. K. Haskell, H. P. Huntress, W. H. Lynch.

Catchers-A. S. Eyre, W. S. Simpson.

Infielders-E. F. Alexander, P. Brown, P. G. Carleton, G. A. Cole, H. Coonley, C. W. Dayton, Jr., P. Davis, J. C. Dennis, D. S. Farr, J. D. Forbes, A. V. Galbraith, C. A. Hamilton, R. Hopkins, P. M. Jaffray, E. Lissner, E. H. Litchfield, J. C. McCall, F. W. Morse, S. V. Morse, J. Nowell, M. F. Procter, F. H. Robbins, W. B. Robbins, J. E. Rousmaniere, R. G. Shaw 3d, R. W. Sherwin, E. B. Stanwood, M. Stearns, H. M. Wing, H. C. Whitfield, E. A. Young.

Outfielders-E. B. Barstow, W. L. Cutting, A. S. Graves, G. A. Hoyt, R. P. J. Hanavan, J. L. Jameson, J. Lawton, E. R. Marvin, G. G. McMurtry, F. D. Robinson, C. Robbins, E. H. Sears, H. H. Shaw, A. R. Smith, Leo Ware.