Official Tennis Handicaps.

In the current number of the Official Lawn Tennis Bulletin the ranking of the leading players of the United States is given. There are 58 names on the list, divided into nine classes.

Champion Hovey heads the list, and is justly ranked as the leading player of the country. He is quoted as owing a quarter 15. In the second class are Larned, Chace and Howland, who are placed at evens. Ex-Champion R. D. Wrenn has dropped into the third class with Carr Neel and Hobart. They received a quarter 15. The classification of the other players, with their handicaps, is appended:

Class 4-Richard Stevens, one half 15.

Class 5-A. E. Foote, C. R. Budlong, three-fourths 15.

Class 6-C. E. Sands, V. G. Hall, S. C. Millett, R. N. Wilson, Jr., A. H. S. Post, M. D. Smith, F. K. Ward, James Terry, E. P. Fischer, A. W. Post, G. W. Lee, Evarts Wrenn, George L. Wrenn, M. L. Whitman, L. E. Ware, 15.


Class 7-J. F. Foulkes, J. P. Paret, J. F. Talmadge, S. Hardy, J. D. E. Jones, S. D. Reed, W. L. Jennings, A. L. Williston, 15 1/4.

Class 8-E. A. Crowninshield, J. A. Ryerson, S. W. B. Moorehead, C. Tete, Jr., J. C. Davidson, A. Codman, Jr., Scott Griffin, J. B. Read, S. G. Thompson. B. F. Davis, T. S. Beckwith, G. C. Hinckley, W. M. Scudder, one-half 30.

Class 9-S. F. Wise, G. P. Herrick, H. B. Bartow, R. M. Miles, Jr., J. F. Hobart, Holcomb Ward, Ewing Stille, S. Henshaw, R. G. Sands, H. E. Avery, three-fourths 30.