Class Team Race.

The class teams for the race at the B. A. A. games on Saturday, February 8, will be made up as follows:

Ninety-six.- M. G. Gonterman, J. G. Clarke, F. B. Fox, F. Mason. Substitutes: I. Brayton and C. S. Bryant.

Ninety-seven.- W. R. Mansfield, A. W. Blakemore, M. Bettman, H. L. Williams. Substitutes: E. Alden and W. H. Cram.

Ninety-eight.- J. W. Edson, G. Newell, M. L. Butler, P. B. Sawyer. Substitutes: E. F. Phillips and M. J. G. Cunniff.

Ninety-nine.- H. H. Fish, W. G. Morse, T. H. Endicott, H. E. Shore. Substitutes: J. B. Rorer and G. D. Dutton.