Columbia Oarsmen.

With the work of yesterday afternoon the Columbia University oarsmen finished their first month in the long, hard training preparatory to their races in June next. Captain Prentice, who has done all the 'varsity coaching, and Albert Putnam '97, who has had complete charge of the freshmen, are well pleased at the showing made thus far.

In the first place, there are still a large number of good men from which to choose the eight-men good not only in weight but in intelligence and alacrity. In the second place, the candidates are rapidly rounding into shape physically, and are already beginning to master the Columbia stroke, the slide being the only weak point.

The applicants for positions in each of the boats have been divided into two squads. One squad begins training at 3.30 in the afternoon and the other an hour later. The exercises consist of movements to develop the back, chest and arm muscles.

Eight applicants for the 'varsity seats and six for freshman positions have already been dropped. The names of the men who are still retained are: 'Varsity-Captain John H. Prentice, H. E. Pierrepont, J. S. Hall, J. D. Irving, A. R. Campbell, M. McDonald, W. C. Shoup, E. Shepard, F. W. Forsythe, J. McLeod, J. LePrince, A. Lederman, C. Moller, S. Barclay, Orleans Longacre, and Rex Pressprich.

Freshmen (squad 1)-C. H. Elmer, (Capt.), E. R. Birckhead, T. De Witt, J. S. Foster, E. J. McCarthy, H. Schroeder, F. A. Batcheler, E. C. Ropes. T. Waterman, R. Bigelow; (Squad 2)-H. Van Wagenen, H. H. Oddie, E. B. Tilt, H. H. Henderson, B. Smith, E. A. Chao, L. Durham, and H. W. Gregg.

It was announced Monday afternoon at a meeting of the trustees of the college that Mr. Edwin Gould had written to the board that he would pay the expenses of the erection of the new boat-house at One Hundred and Fifteenth Street and Hudson River. This piece of news assures the Columbia men the use of the building as soon as the water is ready to receive them. The dock has been completed for some time past. The construction of the house, it is expected, will take but a very short time. The total cost will be about $20,000.