Freshman Baseball.

Manager Howe has arranged the following schedule for the team:

April 11. Boston Latin at Cambridge.

April 13. Brookline High at Cambridge.

April 15. Open.

April 18. Exeter at Exeter.


April 27. M. I. T. '98 at Cambridge.

April 29. Somerville High at Cambridge.

May 2. Groton at Groton.

May 4. Open.

May 6. M. I. T. '99 at Cambridge.

May 9. Open.

May 11. Worcester Academy at Cambridge.

May 16. North Shore Athletic Club at Lynn.

May 20. Amherst '99 at Cambridge.

May 23. U. of P. '99 at Cambridge.

May 27. Brown '99 at Cambridge.

May 30. U. of P. '99 at Philadelphia.

Three dates are also being saved for the class games, but these cannot be decided upon until the other class managers have been appointed.