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Apr. 7. Shakespeare in certain relations to our own time.

Apr. 14. Recollections of a Country Library.

These lectures will be given in Sever 11, at 8 p. m., and will be open to all members of the University, but not to the public.

St. Paul's Society.Lenten Sunday Sermons in Christ Church, 10.30 a. m.:


Mar. 8. Rev. Endicott Peabody, D.D., of Groton, Mass.

Mar. 15. Rev. E. N. Potter, D.D., President of Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y.

Mar. 22. Rev. W. L. Robbins, D.D., Dan of All Saints Cathedral, Albany, N. Y.

Seats are reserved for members of the University, all of whom are most cordially invited.

During Lent the St. Paul's Society holds daily evening prayer at 7 o'clock in 17 Grays. All students are cordially invited.

Lectures on Greek Philosophy.Professor Goodwin, at the invitation of the Classical Department, will deliver, in the latter part of March and early in April, a course of five lectures on Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and the Earlier Greek Philosophy. The lectures, which will be open to the public, will be given in the evenings of successive Wednesdays and Fridays, beginning Friday, March 20, in the Lecture Room of the Fogg Art Museum.

Department of French and Cercle Francais.Four lectures, in English, will be given under the auspices of the Department of French and the Cercle Francais, in the Lecture Room of the Fogg Museum on successive Wednesday evenings. These lectures will be open to the public. The names of the lecturers, the subjects, and the dates, are as follows:

Mar.11.- Professor Lyon: The Work of the French Assyriologists. (Illustrated).

Mar. 18.- Professor Royce: Jean-Marie Guynau, the Philosopher.