Graduates' Magazine.

The Harvard Graduates' Magazine for March is now out. Beside the usual departments, "The University," "Athletics," and "The Graduates," the Contents are:

Autobiography of Samuel F. Smith. S. F. Smith '29.

The Divinity School and the University. C. F. Dole '68.

Recent Verse.

Open Scholarships F. A. Tupper '80.


President Holyoke. C. C. Smith '87.

From a Graduate's Window.

The Hasty Pudding Club's Centennial.

The account of the Hasty Pudding Club's Centennial, which is the most interesting article of the number from the undergraduate's point of view, contains the "Historical Sketch," by Lloyd McKim Garrison '88; Poem, by John T. Wheelwright '76; The Pudding Song, which tells how the club was formed by a Puritan and a "Choctaw Indian"; Speech, by the Hon. Joseph H. Choate '52; and Ode, by Benjamin A. Gould '91.