Baseball Practice.

The 'Varsity and the College Nines had their regular practice on Holmes Field yesterday afternoon. In the practice game the 'Varsity was defeated by the score of 5 to 4. The team play of the College Nine was better than that of the 'Varsity. The second nine batted especially well, Captain Stevenson heading the list. Their hits were bunched, while those of the 'Varsity were scattered.

The best play of the afternoon was a double play by Manning, Hayes and Bouve of the College Nine. Fitz was out for the first time and pitched on the College Nine. Cozzens is prevented from doing much work just now on account of his sore arm.

Branch, who was one of the catchers, is sick with the mumps, but will probably be out in a few days.


Haughton, p. p., Fitz.


Paine, p. p., Gregory.

Scannell, c. c., Slade, Scott.

T. G. Stevenson, 1b. 1b., Bouve.

Dean, 2b. 2b., Hayes.

Crawford, 3b. 3b., R. H. Stevenson.

Wrenn, s.s. s.s., Manning.

Rand, l.f. l.f., Chandler.

Paine, c.f. c.f., Martin.

Burgess, r.f. r.f., Beale.

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