The Opening Game on Holmes Field Shows Improvement.

The 'Varsity Nine made a very encouraging showing in the opening game on Holmes Field yesterday afternoon, defeating Tufts by the score of 18 to 6. Although the game was loosely played there was a distinct improvement in the work of the 'Varsity.

Notwithstanding the perfect day, the attendance was very small, only about 500 spectators winessing the game, and almost half of these being Tufts students. They showed enthusiasm throughout, supporting their men with applause and cheers, while very little encouragement was given to the 'Varsity Nine.

Harvard won as much through the poor fielding of the Tufts players, who made eleven errors, as through the playing of her own nine. Only four of the eighteen runs were earned runs. The men all hit the ball, however, there being but four strike outs.

Captain Dean led in the batting, hitting the ball every time and making three hits with a total of four bases in five times at the bat. He accepted ten of twelve chances in fielding.

Although Haughton was hit hard early in the game he settled down and pitched fairly well toward the close. His batting record shows a three-base hit in the fifth inning and a home run in the ninth with the bases full.


Haughton was well supported by Scannell, who made several difficult stops. Paine, Crawford and Burgess batted well. Rand made a beautiful running catch in the fourth inning.

Rand led off for Harvard. He sent an easy grounder to Corridon, who threw poorly to first, the ball escaping McGuire. Before it could be fielded Rand was on third base. Scannell sent a high fly to Corridon, who muffed it, letting Rand score. A passed ball advanced Scannell and Dean's hit scored him. Dean got caught on third on Haughton's grounder to Corridon, after Paine had reached first on Clayton's error. A short hit by Burgess scored Paine and Haughton.

Corridon, who led off for Tufts, sent a high ball into right field, which Burgess muffed, giving him third base. Smith was out to Stevenson, but Corridon got a chance to score on Crawford's fumble of Clayton's grounder.

Harvard added two more runs to her score in the second. After Wrenn got his base on balls and stole second, another error by Corridon gave Rand first base, but he was out in the double play made on Scannell's grounder by Corridon, Pierce and McGuire. Then Dean hit to left field beyond Smith's reach, scoringWrenn and getting to second base himself. Paine's single gave Harvard an earned run.

With two out and Curran on base, Stroud sent the ball way over Paine's head, getting three bases and scoring Curran. Corridon's single also sent Curran home.

In the third, after Crawford had struch out, Burgess hit a single to right field, stole second, got to third on Stevenson's sacrifice hit and scored on a past ball.

Clayton hit safely but was caught napping off first.

Harvard did nothing in the fourth.

For Tufts, Meader began with a single. Stroud hit safely, but Stevenson caught him off first. Dean got the ball and ran him back towards first barely catching him. In the meantime Meader had got to third and scored when Corridon sent the ball far over the willows for the first home run of the season on Holmes Field.

Haughton hit for three bases in the fifth, and scored an earned run on Crawford's single. This was the only run scored this inning.