HARVARD LAMPOON.- All men desiring to try for the position of business editor of the Lampoon will please call at the Sanctum, 3 Linden street, Thursday, at 12 or at 7.

R. L. SCAIFE. Bus. Manager.FRESHMAN GLEE, BANJO, AND MANDOLIN CLUSS.- There will be an important meeting of the officers at 5 o'clock this afternoon at 68 Mt. Auburn street.

M. S. SAVAGE.'VARSITY MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal today at 5.

J. DE K. TOWNER, Sec.COLLEGE NINE.- Men be in Soldiers Field building dressed to play at 3.45 p. m.

'96 BASEBALL.- Will all the men who played in the game against Yale, or who were in the picture, meet at my room, 56 Mt. Auburn street, at 7 p. m.


F. W. GRIFFIN.'98 BASEBALL.- Practice today on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock sharp. More candidates are requested to come out, especially for the battery positions.

J. W. EDMUNDS.CRICKET.- Practice at Beacon Park at 3.30 p. m.

ALL men wishing to present articles for consideration for the May number of the Harvard Monthly will confer a favor by leaving their manuscripts with the secretary on or before May 1.

H. A. PHILLIPS, 28 Holyoke street.