FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal Wednesday at 5.00 o'clock. No rehearsal today.

H. S. DENNISON.CHESS CLUB.- Meeting tonight at 7 o'clock in 1 Thayer Hall. There will be a simultaneous match against members of the club, conducted by Mr. Walcot of the Boston Chess Club.

F. E. THAYER, Sec.'VARSITY MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal today at 5.

J. DE K. TOWNER, Sec.'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Important rehearsal of all men who sang last Saturday this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, in Little's 9.

H. C. TAYLOR.ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- There will be a meeting of the St. Paul's Society in 17 Grays on Wednesday, April 8, at 7 p. m. Evening prayer will be read on Easter Tuesday at 7 p. m. All members of the University are invited.


H. B. HUNTINGTON, Sec.SAMOSET CLUB.- Meeting tonight at 26 Holyoke street.

THERE will be a brief but important meeting of the Harvard Democratic Club tonight at 7 in Harvard 1. All democrats in the University are urged to be present.

F. DOBYNS, Pres.