'Varsity Baseball.

Yesterday, for the first time, the 'varsity and the college nines played together. The game was a four inning one and the score was a tie, 4 to 4. The make-up of the nines was as follows:


Cozzens, pitcher, Clarkson, Arnold.

Scannell, catcher, Pote, Morton.

T. G. Stevenson, first-base, Bouve.


Dean, second-base, Hayes.

Wrenn, shortstop, Crawford.

Vincent, third-base, R. H. Stevenson.

Rand, left-field, Clark.

Paine, centre-field, Beale.

Haughton, right-field, Burgess.

In the last two innings, the following substitutes were given a chance to bat: Bacon, Branch, Chandler, McVey, Dayton and Cochrane.

The playing on both sides was good, and the fielding was as a rule clean Hayes, Vincent, Dean and Rand showed up well in the field, while Pote's throwing to second was excellent.

Cozzens and Clarkson pitched fairly well, although both were a little wild, Cozzens giving three and Clarkson four bases on balls. The batting was fair, Paine, T. Stevenson, Dean, Clarkson and Bouve being perhaps the best. Clarkson knocked a three-bagger and Bouve a two-base hit. After four innings of play, the second went in, and the 'varsity practiced fielding grounders and throwing around the diamond.