Harvard Memorial Society.

At a meeting of the Harvard Memorial Society, held last evening, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President, Justin Winsor.

Vice-president, A. B. Hart.

Secretary, F. A. Burlingame.

Treasurer, W. L. Garrison, Jr.


Curator, E. H. Wells.

Archivist, W. G. Brown.

At the meeting it was voted that the Committee on Memorials be directed to have inscriptions cut upon Harvard Hall and upon the flagging between it and Massachusetts Hall, at the expense of the society. These inscriptions are to be cut before Commencement Day.

It was also voted that a new committee be appointed on exhibitions to arrange for an exhibition of Harvard antiquities and objects of interest connected with Harvard history.

Hon. Morrfield Storey and Judge Robert Grant were elected honorary members of the society.