Promenade Concert.

The programme for the promenade concert this evening is:

1. March, "Queen of Sheba," Gounod.

2. Overture, "Fra Diavolo," Auber.

3. Waltz, "Cagliostro," Strauss.

4. Finale to Act 1, "Lohengrin," Wagner.


5. Suite No.1, E. A. MacDowell.

6. The Deluge, Saint-Saens.

Solo Violin, Mr. Schnitzler.

7. Pizzicati, Gillet.

8. Two Hungarian Dances, Brahms.

9. Overture, "Zampa," Herold.

10. Waltz, "Pomone," Waldteufel (First time.)

11. Mazourka, "Le Ceour des Femmes," Joh. Strauss.

12. Radetzky March, Joh. Strauss, Sr.