Commencement Parts.

All those who have prepared Commencement parts this year will be expected to read their essays before the committee for the first time tomorrow (Saturday) morning in Sanders Theatre. The reading of the undergraduate parts will begin at 9 o'clock, and all those who have prepared parts are asked to remain in the Theatre during the entire reading, so as to hear one another's essays. Graduate School and Law School parts will be read at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

The names of those who have prepared parts are as follows:

From the College-G. H. Chase, A. G. Lewis, H. A. Bigelow. W. E. Blodgett, P. Capron, A.M. Chase, J. P. Cotton, E. L. Creesy, H. G. Dorman, W. H. Draper, F. L.Hitchcock, B. C. Mead, J. G. Palfrey, W. A. Parker, F. H. Rathbun, J. S. P. Tatlock, R. C. Thomas, A. C. Train, R.G. Valentine, J. C. Ward, J. P. Warren.

From the Graduate School-R. M. Alden, P. H. Savage, O. G. Villard.

From the Law School-H. M. Dowling.