Final Class Game.

This afternoon Ninety-seven will play Ninety-nine for the class championship. The game will probably be played on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock, but it may possibly be played on Holmes Field instead. As the season is already so far advanced only one game will be played in place of the usual two out of three. The game scheduled for today between the Harvard and Brown Freshmen has been cancelled.

In the class games already played the attendance has been small, and it is hoped that today everyone who can will surely come out and encourage the teams, especially the upper classmen, who have shown little interest in the work of their team so far.

The batting order of the teams will be:


Garrison, 2b. 2b., Thompson.


Scott, c. r.f., Lynch.

Lord, 3b. l.f., Morse.

Hallowell, s.s. p., Fitz.

Nichols, c.f., c., Davis.

Harris, p. 3b., Litchfield.

Blakemore, r.f. s.s., Mills.

Hardy, r.f. c.f., McCall.

Weld, r.f. 1b., Sherwin.

Turner, 1b.

Abbott, l.f.