Announcement of Courses to be Given Next Year.

The elective pamphlet of courses offered at Radcliffe College for the year 1896-97 has just appeared. Many changes, both in courses and instructors, have occurred, which may be summarized as follows:

In the Semitic Department, Doctor Reisner replaces Professor Lyon in course 4, and Professor Toy in courses 7 and 10. A new course of research on General Semitic Grammar-20b-will be offered by Professor Toy.

In Greek 8 Professor White replaces Professor Goodwin. Professor Allen takes Latin 7 from Mr. Parker; Professor Smith replaces Professor Greenough in Latin 8; and Latin 11 gives way to Latin 12. Courses 25, 52, 54, 47, 39, 51 and 49-seven new courses intended primarily for graduates-replace courses 21, 22, 23, 41, 40 and 24.

The Department of English shows many changes. Mr. Copeland relieves Messrs. Gates and Farley in course 22. Dr. Robinson replaces Mr. Boynton in course 3; Professor Kittredge in course 111, and Mr. Farley in course 112.

English 7 has been split into two half-courses to be given in successive half-years. During the first half-year Mr. Hurlbut will treat of English literature from the death of Dryden to the death of Pope (1700-1744). During the last half-year Mr. Copeland will continue the study to the publication of the lyrical ballads in 1798.


English 8 has likewise been divided. Course 81 will carry the work begun in course 72 to the death of Scott in 1832; and then course 82 will bring the student up to the death of Tennyson in 1892. Only the first half of this course will be given next year.

English 321 will deal with English literature of the Elizabethan period (1557-1599). English 322 will carry the work forward to the closing of the theatres in 1642. Professor Baker offers course 23-a half-course on the works of Shakspers; and Mr. Gates will give English 5-an advanced course in English composition.

The German Department is increased by half-courses 10 and 11, offered by Dr. Poll, and Professor Francke. Dr. Poll is replaced in German A by Mr. Nichols. A new course, 20c, on the Modern German Section has also been added to the seminary of Germanic Philology.

In the French Department, Mr. Sanderson replaces Mr. Babbitt in course A; and Mr. La Meslee replaces Dr. Marcon in course 3. Courses 16, 5, 7 and 9 are omitted.

Mr. La Meslee offers course 4, an advanced half-course in writing and speaking.

Mr. Babbitt offers half-courses 13 and 17, the former on French romanticism, the latter on literary criticism.

Professor de Sumichrast will give half-courses 81 and 82 on Voltaire and the French Drama in the eighteenth century. He will also offer course 16, an advanced course on French tragedy.

Half-course 18 will be offered by Mr. Wright, and will deal with French classicism.

Spanish 3 is omitted.

The new department of Slavic Languages offers course 1, a study of Russian Grammar and Composition, to be conducted by Mr. Leo Wiener.