Y. M. C. A.- This afternoon the picture of Y. M. C. A. members will be taken back of Sever at 4 o'clock sharp.

E. W. CAPEN, Sec.STUDENT VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE.- Weekly conferences in Grays 17 will be discontinued for the remainder of the present academic year. Men who wish to consult Mr. Birtwell may make appointments by addressing him by mail at 20 Hancock street, Boston. 87 3t

THE GBADUATE CLUB.- The next regular meeting of the club will be held in the Colonial Club House, Quincy street, Friday evening, May 29, at 8 o'clock. Dean Hodges will address the club on "An Experiment in Church Unity." This is the annual meeting of the club, at which reports for the year will be made and officers elected for 1896-97.

FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- The picture of the Freshman Glee Club will be taken this afternoon at 2.30 at Pach's studio. Everyone be there promptly.

GLEE CLUBS.- Will all men who have sung at all on the 'Varsity Club and all on the Freshman Club please meet in Dane at 7 o'clock to rehearse for singing on Memorial Day.


H. C. TAYLOR.BAND AND DRUM CORPS.- Short rehearsal at 5.20 today. Every man must attend so that no more rehearsals will be necessary.

CLASS OF '96 HARVARD LAW SCHOOL.- The photograph of the graduating class is postponed till Thursday, May 28, at 5.30 p. m. (on the steps of the school). All members of the class are urged to be present.

CHARLES H. FISKE, JR., Secretary.87

THE Trilby's desire to arrange games with other nines. Address, S. Barnum, Mgr., Law School.

HARVARD UNION.- The taking of the picture has been postponed till Thursday, May 28, at 1.15 p. m., back of Sever. It is hoped that every member will come, for the picture must be taken on that date.

H. D. BUSHNELL, Sec.HARVARD FORUM.- Picture of old and new members to be taken Wednesday, May 27, back of Sever at 2 o'clock.

THE Chess Club picture will be taken Wednesday at half past one instead of at one as heretofore announced.

O. D. HAMMOND.ENGLISH VI.- Caps and gowns due at Co-operative today. Picture will be taken Thursday, May 28, 3.30 p. m., back of Sever. Every man must have his own or a borrowed cap and gown.

M. G. SEELIG, For Committee.86 3t