The Cambridge Magazine.

The June number of the Cambridge Magazine, the second number in its enlarged form, contains several interesting articles.

The list of contents is:

Hawthorne as a Worker, By his Daughter.

The Cambridge of Today.

By the Mayor of Cambridge, W. A. Bancroft '78.


A Cambridge Idealist: Rev. David N. Beach. By George R. Cook.

Cuba and the Cubans. By E. A. Zanetti '97.

The Deputy's Daughter. Chapter II.

From the French of Georges Ohnet. By J. J. Kennealy.

My Experiences as a Convict. Part II. By an ex-Convict.

Blackbird; a Tale of Frontier Life. Translated from the French of Gustav Aimard. By A. G. Thatcher '97.

Notes, Book Reviews, etc.