Foxcroft Club Election.

At the annual meeting of the Foxcroft Club held last evening the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President, F. A. Laws '97.

Vice-president, F. O. Grover 2 G.

Secretary and treasurer, G. W. Hinman '98.

Directors, officers (ex officiis); W. B. Parker '97, W. B. Cannon '96, R. R. Hollister '97, C. E. Brown '97, F. B. Crossley S., J. A. Fairlie 1 Gr., A. W. Ryder '97, W. T. B. Williams '97.


Auditor, W. B. Cannon '96.

The auditor's account showed the club to be in a prosperous condition, having a balance on May 1 of $2708.26.