Northfield Students' Conference.

Mr. D. L. Moody has again invited the college men of America to meet at his home for conference and Bible study under the direction of the College Department of the International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association. For many years Harvard has been represented at these conferences by too small a number of men. Last summer, however, seventeen men from the college and the graduate schools represented Harvard. It is sincerely believed that these seventeen men have succeeded in instilling some of the Northfield spirit into the religious life of the University during the past winter.

Mr. Moody will again preside and lend his wonderful personal presence to the meetings. The conference, though primarily held for the discussion of college methods in Christian work, will be addressed on topics of general interest this year by Dr. Alexander Mackenzie of Cambridge, Professor Robert Ellis Thompson of Philadelphia, Mr. S. M. Layford of Newton, Mr. Robert E. Speer, the old Princeton football player, the Rev. R. A. Torrey of Chicago and some other speakers from the English Universities. Mr. Sallmon, who succeeded in building up the strong Bible study department at Yale, will again conduct the large Bible study class in his inspiring manner. Mr. Harlan P. Beach, Yale '76, so long a successful missionary in China will have charge of the Foreign Missionary department. In short, the leaders in Christian work for college men in this country will be present to discuss freely the place which active Christianity should play in the life of an educated man.

Beginning as it does on the 26th of June and lasting only until the 5th of July, the Northfield Conference should appeal particularly to men so conveniently situated as we are in Cambridge. Students indeed flock to Northfield from one hundred and fifty institutions in every part of this continent; while some of our eastern colleges send delegations of a score or two.

Additional information in regard to the exercises, the pastimes and the expenses of the conference may be obtained at the meeting of the Christian Association tonight in Holden Chapel at 6.45, or within a week from any of the following men:

H. G. DORMAN '96, Weld 33.


D. FALES, JR., '97, Matthews 3.

W. W. COMFORT GR., Hastings 42.