Intersholastic Meeting.

A successful meeting of the Interscholastic Association was held on Holmes Field yesterday afternoon. The audience was large, the track fast, and several records were broken. Worcester Academy won by a good margin, with English High and Andover second and third. Worcester High, the winner of the prize cup last year made a poor showing, scoring but four points. Mills, of the Berkeley School, won the mile run easily in 4m. 33 4-5s., breaking the record. Hanson, of the English High, ran the half mile in 2m. 1 1-5s., and Boardman of Noble's School rode the mile bicycle race in 2m. 35 4-5s, both being new records. The pole vault was a close contest between Johnson of Worcester Academy and Clapp of Williston. Johnson finally won by a vault of 10 ft. 9 in., breaking the record by 2 inches. Shirk of Worcester Academy equalled the record in the 120 yd. hurdle; but failed to break it. During the games, Grant '97, attempted to break the Harvard record for the mile but could do no better than 4m. 31 2-5s.

The summary:

100 yards dash.- 1. Jones, P. A. A.; 2, Robinson, W. A.; 3, Kane, E. H. S.; 4, Clark, W. A. Time, 10 2-5s.

120 yards hurdles.- 1, Shirk, W. A., 2, Hallowell, Hop.; 3, Cady, P. A. A. Time, 17 2-5s.

Mile run.- 1, Mills, B. S.; 2, Sullivan, W. H. S.; 3, Palmer, P. A. A. Time, 4m. 33 4-5s.


Mile bicycle.- 1, Boardman, No.; 2, Warnock, C. H. and L. S.; 3, Harding, Hop. Time, 2m. 35 4-5s.

880 yards run.- 1, Hanson, E. H. S.; 2, Albertson, E. H. S.; 3, Gaskill, P. A. A. Time, 2m. 1 1-5s.

Mile walk.- 1, O'Toole, E. H. S.; 2, Taylor, E. H. S.; 3, Mohan, E. H. S. Time, 7m. 43s.

440 yards dash.- 1, Johnson, W. A.; 2, Whitcomb, P. E. A.; 3, Warren, C. H. and L. S. Time, 52 3-5s.

220 yards dash.- 1, Jones, P. A. A.; 2, Robinson, W. A.; 3, Kane, E. H. S.; 4, Clark, W. A. Time, 22 3-5s.

220 yards hurdles-1, Converse, E. H. S.; 2, Peters, P. A. A.; 3, MacDonald, Chel. H. S. Time, 27s.

High jump.- 1, Rice, No.; 2, Perry, P. A. A.; 3, tie between Lorimer, M. A. H. S.; Howe, W. A., and Philip, No. Height, 5 ft. 7 1-4 in.

Broad jump.- 1, Hersey, W. A.; 2, Themen, W. A.; 3, Prouty, P. E. A. Distance 21 ft. 5 in.

Shot Put.- 1, Heath, Hop.; 2, O'Brien, E. H. S.; 3, Edmands, W. A. Distance, 36 ft. 7 in.

Hammer Throw.- 1, Boyce, B. H. S.; 2, Edmands, W. A.; 3, Shaw, Hop. Distance, 122 ft. 1 in.