COLLEGE NINE.- Be at Union Station for 12.50 p. m. train to Lynn.

MILITARY BAND.- Meet at old gymnasium at 2 p. m. today.

CYCLING ASSOCIATION.- Members of the team must remove their wheels and suits from the training quarters at once.

W. R. BRINCKERHOFF, Manager.95 2t

CYCLING ASSOCIATION.- All men that went to New York meet in the Trophy Room in the Gymnasium at 4 p. m. Monday, June 8. Captain must be elected for next season. 95 2t


FRESHMAN MANDOLIN CLUB.- Members who want pictures of the club may obtain them at Pach's studio. 94 2t

O. F. RICHARDS, Sec.PI ETA.- The club picture will be taken back of Sever on Monday, June 8, at 1.30 p. m.