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The present football season, which began last spring with the series of smoke talks on different points connected with the game, formally opened with the practice on So diers Field, September 21. There was no summer practice, although a squad of backs consisting of Captain Wrightington, Beale '97, Warren '97, Brown '98, Cozzens '98, Mills '99, Richardson '99, and Cochrane '99, assembled at Barnstable for ten days light practice in August.

It had been expected that a larger number of men would turn out on the day when practice opened this year than last year, but the expectation was not realized. Only twenty-eight candidates presented themselves and of these only four were new men. The first week was therefore very discouraging, especially since Coach Waters was prevented by illness from directing the work of the men.

With the opening of the present week the prospects brightened considerably, as several promising new men appeared and the substitutes of last year joined the squad. The total number of candidates out for practice Monday night was forty, an increase of almost twenty over the number that appeared Saturday. The men took hold of their work with a spirit that was really encouraging.

Of last year's 'Varsity squad, C. Brewer, Rice, Gould, Nowell, Holt and Gonterman will not return to college. The men who will be in the University and who are expected to play are Captain Wrightington and Dunlop '97, half-backs; Beale '97, quarter-back; Cabot '98, left end; J. N. Shaw '98, right guard; F. Shaw '97, centre. Doucette L. S., Donald '99, Haughton '99, Moulton '98, and Brown '98, last year's leading substitutes are also with the squad now.

Few promising players are found in the entering class. Those who have made the best showing thus far, are Sargent and Burden of last year's Groton School eleven, and Barnie, captain of the Roxbury Latin School eleven last fall.

The squad has been coached by Marshall Newell '94, most of the time. Head Coach Waters also expects to have the assistance at different times during the season of J. H. Sears, W. H. Lewis, B. W. Trafford, and other graduates, so that the eleven will not lack the best teaching and training that can be had.

The schedule of games has not yet been completed, but so far as arranged is as follows:

Oct. 3. Williams at Cambridge.

Oct. 7. Trinity at Cambridge.

Oct. 10. Newton A. A.

Oct. 14. Undecided.

Oct. 17. Brown at Cambridge.

Oct. 24. Cornell at Ithaca.

Oct. 31. Carlisle Indian School at Cambridge.

Nov. 7. Princeton at Cambridge.

Nov. 14. B. A. A. at Cambridge.

Nov. 21. U. of P. at Philadelphia.

There is, according to the decision of the Athletic Committee last year, to be no game with Yale. The management has decided to drop Wednesday games during the later part of the season.

The practice continued yesterday, as heretofore, with work both in the morning and in the afternoon. A practice game of two halves of fifteen minutes each was played. The squad was divided into elevens which were shifted between the halves. The following was the line-up.


Irwin-Martin, r. e. l. e., E. H. Davis.

A. Davis, r. e. l. e., D. F. Davis.

Lee, r. t. l. t., Pitts.

Marvin, r. t.

Doucette, r. g. l. g., Sargent.

Hennen, r. g.

Lloyd, c. c., Hoague.

Elder, l. g. r. g., Warren '00.

Woodward, l. t. r. t., Mills. r. t., Swain.

Richardson, l. e. l. e., Moulton.

Fitch, l. e.

Cochrane, q. b. q. b., Wadsworth.

R. S. Davis, q. b. q. b., Valentine.

Wrightington, l. h. b. r. h. b., Cozzens.

Hannavan, l. h. b. r. h. b., Mills.

Sullivan, r. h. b. l. h. b., Warren '97.

Livermore, r. h. b.

Dunlop, f. b. f. b., Brown. f. b., Weld.

The playing was brisk throughout. Several times brilliant plays were made, the one which brought out the first applause being a beautiful drop kick by Brown. Wrightington, Cozzens and Mills did the best rushing, while Irwin-Martin tackled well.

Cabot, who is nursing a cracked nosebone; J. N. Shaw, Donald and Haughton, who are more or less bruised, were not in the line-up. The latter two did not even show up for practice. They are expected out today, however, as is also Wheeler '98. Frank Shaw, the only one of the old men not yet on hand, will probably join the squad tomorrow afternoon. The practice today will be at 11.30 and at 3.30. This will be the last day of morning practice.

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