News from the Law School.

The entering class at the Law School this year is likely to be somewhat smaller than the class of last year. The requirement for entrance of a degree of A. B. from some recognized college is now in force, but special students are admitted without the degree.

During the vacation the stack has been enlarged to four tiers and furnished with electric lights, and a new recitation room has been provided.

Seats in the library for first-year men will probably be assigned this year by lot instead of having a line-up for places.

Professor Williston will not be able to take charge of his courses at the beginning of the year, but may resume his work during the second half year. His courses will be divided among different professors. Professor Ames will take the course in Contracts and Bills and Notes. The course in Partnership will be taken by a new appointee, and the course in Directorship will be omitted.

Examinations for entrance and advanced standing will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the north room, as follows:


Thursday, October 1.

9 a. m. Contracts and Latin.

2.30 p. m. Criminal Law.

3.00 p. m. French and German.

Friday, October 2.

9 a. m. Property and Blackstone.

2.30 p.m. Torts.

Saturday, October 3.

9 a. m. Civil Procedure.