Special Notice.

STUDENTS wishing their hair trimmed in the most satisfactory manner should call on C. W. Griffith, 7 Brattle street, for five years at Young's Hotel, Boston. He has three special artists to assist him. Razors honed and cared for.

COLLEGE YEAR 1896-7.- First-class table board for students, $6.00 per week. Club tables; also general table. Mrs. E. S. Evans, 1124 Massachusetts avenue, Cambridge. Opposite Remington street, near Ware and Beck Halls. 1-2t

ROOM MATE WANTED.- Apply at 25 Hollis Hall, Tuesday and Friday from 3 to 5 p. m. 1-2t

MR. W. E. STRATTON, teacher of the banjo, guitar and mandolin. Lessons given in students room or 153 Tremont street, Boston. Students coached for the coming club trials. Leave name and address at Briggs and Briggs music store and will call.

TUTORING.- For speedy removal of conditions, by graduate with eight years experience as coach. Address W. P. H., office of CRIMSON.


NEW HOUSE.- Students rooms to let. Steam heat, gas and bath. 96 Mt. Auburn street. Cor. Boylston street. Room 5. 1-2t

TUTORING.- Greek, Latin, Semitic, German, Greek 10, Semitic 12. Max Benshimol, 48 Highland avenue, Cambridge.

1-e o d-tf

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. L. J. Chandler's class for beginners commences Tuesday, October 13, at 8 p. m. Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. 1-e o d-tf

TO LET, with board, a furnished room in a private family. Reference required. Address L., CRIMSON office. 1 tf

ROOMMATE WANTED in 59 College House. Call or leave address.

PACH BROS., the Harvard photographers, have leased a window in the Harvard CRIMSON office, where from time to time they will show objects of interest to Harvard men. 1-3t

HAIR DRESSING ROOMS, 7 Brattle street, Harvard square. Four artists. All special hair cutters. C. W. Griffith, proprietor, five years at Young's Hotel, Boston. 1-tf

FOR RENT.- Suite of two rooms, furnished, steam heat and bath. Must be relet. Can be had for $125 for college year. 1-2t

ROOM TO LET.- $50 per year. Sunny, pleasant, furnace heat and lighted. Inquire at Holyoke 46, from 2 to 3 p. m. daily. 1-tf