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The CRIMSON is asked to call attention to the serious lack of interest taken by the Freshman class in its Glee and Banjo clubs. The leaders of the two organizations have been obliged, owing to the few men who have tried for the clubs, to call not only second, but third trials of candidates.

It is extremely distasteful to keep reminding the Freshmen of their continued neglect of their class organizations. But in the case of the musical clubs if the class is brought to realize how desirable it is to be represented by creditable clubs, it will surely support them more heartily.

It is not only extremely desirable that the class should be represented by excellent clubs; but the great benefit to the members, not only in musical training but in a social way, should make every place on the clubs eagerly contested for. Membership in one of the clubs will put a Freshman in a fair way to become acquainted with many of his class and through their Cambridge concerts with some of the best people in Cambridge.

For these reasons self-interest as well as class loyalty should lead a large number of men to try for the Glee and Banjo Clubs at the coming trials and make them, like the Mandolin Club, organizations creditable to the class.