The 'Varsity Crew.

Yesterday afternoon, in accordance with the routine now established, the crew did no regular work, but went skating instead. The crew rows at present Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday; Monday and Friday some other light form of exercise, such as skating, is taken. Mr. Peabody, Mr. Storrow and Mr. Mumford are now doing the coaching. Mr. Storrow coaches Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, Mr. Mumford Thursdays, and Mr. Peabody whenever he can.

Later on it is proposed to have two days off every eighteen days, and five days hard training every two weeks during the period before the crew goes on the water.

J. F. Perkins, owing to an injured knee, has not been rowing with the crew of late. Moulton has been rowing at 6 in his place. The regular make-up of the crew, now that Captain Goodrich has returned, is:

Stroke, Bull; 7, Goodrich; 6, Moulton; 5, Perkins '98; 4, Sprague; 3, Hollister; 2, Thomson; bow, Boardman.