Special Notice.

TUTORING.- Thorough drill in under-graduate work and for all examinations. Greek, Latin, Semitic, German. Experience and best references. Max Benshimol, A. M., 48 Highland avenue, Cambridge, off Broadway. tf

TUTORING.- For examinations in Greek, Latin, German. Careful and thorough instruction.

J. H. WALDEN, PH. D., 13 Mt. Auburn street.76 6t

TUTORING in English 28 and 32.

R. W. COUES, A. M., 104 Mt. Auburn street.86 2

FOR VERY LOW RENT.- Students' Rooms; study, bedroom and bath. Can be seen at 15 Shepherd's Block, Holyoke street. Inquire of C. B. Crockett, 43 Water street, Medford, Mass. 73 10

TUTORING in Science Courses-Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Mineralogy, Zoology, Botany.

PORTER E. SARGENT, A. B. ('96.) Hours, 2-2.30, 6.30-7.30. 49 Matthews.

75 tf

IMPORTANT: Suits cleansed and pressed for 75c.; trousers 20c.; and one suit, once a week until June 30, '97, for $7.00. Called for and returned in a satisfcatory manner. Drop postal. L. G. MacKeigan, Tailor, 15 Brattle street, just opposite Post Office. 72 tf

TUTORING.- Engineering 1a, 1c, 3a. Mathematics A, B, C, E, F, 2, 4. (Graduate; experienced teacher). Edward B. Escott, Sc. M., 944 Massachusetts Ave.

English A, 24, 28. Latin, Greek. Harvard Admission and Condition Work. Four years successful experience. Austin Phelps Dean, 9 Remington St. sw 8

TUTORING by two Harvard graduates of long experience. Latin, Greek, French and German,

W. J. MILLER, A. B., A. M. 3 Warland Block.Mathematics, Physics B and C, and Chemistry 1.

F. C. McLAUGHLIN, A. B., A. M. 4 Read's Block.81 tf

TUTORING.- Semitic 6. 12, 14, 15, Greek 10, Philosophy 5, History, 1, 9, 10, 12, 19, Fine Arts 4, Government 1.