GRADUATE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY.- The directors of the society ask that graduate students in philosophy who have received the circulars of inquiry lately sent out will forward their replies to the secretary as soon as possible.

PROSPECT UNION.- Teachers must not fail to meet their classes during the mid-year period, or to send competent substitutes if it is impossible for them to attend themselves.

HENRY W. FOOTE.ICE POLO TEAM.- Be at 38 Grays at 2 p. m. Play on Spy at 3 p. m. if cold.

F. J. GOODRIDGE.'99 CREW.- Row at 3.10.

B. H.

SOCIAL UNION.- Teachers are needed for classes in Greek and Arithmetic, also five men for special service. Volunteers may give their names to Legh R. Pearson, Social Union, 42 Brattle St., or to G. H. Dorr '97, 56 Plympton St. 86 4


All contributions for the February number of the Monthly must be sent to the editor-in-chief before Monday, February 1. 86 3

ADVOCATE.- Will all men having manuscripts for No. 8 of the Advocate leave them with the secretary on or before Monday, Jan. 25.