The Harvard Forum.

The regular debate of the Harvard Forum was held last evening in Harvard 1 on the question, "Resolved, That it would be for the benefit of the state if our legislative bodies passed fewer laws." S. T. Sears L. S. spoke on the affirmative and K. Stone L. S. on the negative. The debate was then thrown open to the house and a number of men spoke.

At a business meeting held after the debate, the report of the committee on the debate with the Columbia Union was read and accepted. The debate will be held at New York on March 19. The details of the arrangements are left in the hands of the committee.

The report of the joint Forum and Union committee on the question of joint debates between the two clubs was then read. The committee recommended that a joint debate be held between the two clubs on the first Friday of each month; that each club be represented by two principal disputants and that the debate then be thrown open to the members of the two clubs speaking alternately. The report of the committee after being amended in some details, was accepted.

The report of this committee will probably be acted on by the Union at its next meeting. If the action of the Union is favorable the monthly joint debates between the clubs will probably be started the first Friday in March.