Executive Committee Meeting of the I. C. A. A. A. A.

[Associated Press.]

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 1897.- At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association held tonight the proposed changes in the by-laws of the association were discussed. The members of the committee are G. V. Kirby (chairman), Columbia; H. Bell, College of the City of New York; A. H. Bullock, Harvard; C. M. Murray, Yale; O. Shiras, Cornell; and S. M. Kendrick, U. of P.

The principal amendment proposed is in regard to that clause relating to bicycling. The rules of the L. A. W., under whose sanction the Intercollegiate Bicycle Meeting is held, state that a rider shall not be allowed to have his expenses paid by any club or college. The A. A. U. is endeavoring to arrange a plan whereby college cyclers shall be permitted to ride in all races and have their expenses paid by the college which they represent. They will endeavor to get the same treatment for cyclers as is now afforded the track men in general. The committee will also recommend that the government of all college games be in the hands of college undergraduates.

Another meeting of the Executive Committee will be held February 27, to act upon minor changes in the eligibility rules of the association.